We Want To Go To Celtics Game

Wednesday, May 23rd


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I guess beyoncé isn't easy huge Houston Rockets fans from Houston regional and she's been loyal to Houston Rockets team yet jays he's in nets fan now that's why I'm just looking up to see was rooting for the Celtics about Google yeah. Gloria Allred for the Celtics tonight it's gonna be there 830 games so tomorrow we'll all be dragon. You know watching home unit ought to have. You know club bar some not much at all as far as something no it's a school night for sale I'm gonna watch it on or after last week I think you better stay home. Oh yeah. What would you will you pay for tickets and I said hey we can go to the damage of any interest in going to game if you. Tonight. I would pay a couple hundred dollars to to see games sat in a I knew they could clinching win this series I might like go out by I think it's a couple thousand you're gonna see backing right gets all of that. Really a big 1 August nights then they go to Cleveland to at the next game game six right tonight actually kind of could be I don't knock on wood you know this could be. It or maybe not you don't want to be it but it's like this is a more guarantee game to go to think his game sevens can still iffy. Well he got anger that it's it's you know it looked at it like as a best of three series now dragons left and I got to win two of them so. You know say if they're gonna win it they're undefeated in the playoffs at home the Celtics are right it does away it's going and it's gonna go to a game seven. And when asked when would games seventy but it the over memorial they ads. While since Wednesday's game. As you see it's Saturday she's been Friday's I think you'd be sounded. And hang out because it's usually don't have were to Monday so that your office and one half all hey there's an idea. Happy lets it games and so then they win so they went to that we got on. There tonight. They go to back to Cleveland it's close but they can't eke out a win then they come back to Boston and then they went and all year ago here's the thing. You eat the reason why you we don't want to go to a game sevens because there's another series after this now and and the other goes to game seven they're tired of traveling there on the road and then there are more fatigued you're going to next series. Which is Golden State I think it's a tough time there have done it really Goldstein is a really good team. What is happening and I feel like tonight. You figure out you know I really. Wanna go stub hub right now for the low low price of 3300 dollars for two ticket you could be courtside wait a minute there's usually nine dollars for two tickets now seconds yeah. He's now now 3000. Dollars to two. What can. Mean fifty ticket item analysis to our again how. I guess appeared you know they're getting it it I mean it. If they're they're probably getting the big basketball fans OK it's time now one of those I was like how to eat Ben and Jerry's like. That's a.