Wedding Day Distasters

Monday, May 14th


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So the royal wedding is this weekend magic put a six point seven what's your wedding day disaster. A couple of years and it and a way he can see why it may or may are people out and got my act. Hope for a patent. Still yeah. Told them right off the table by her daughter like a picnic at the corporate and he's good with people like. I wish I got to be mean I know you might see why that that's what my paper that. Let let me ask you think it's right you did you notice spoke out. Yeah cart like aids problem what so that. Winning is everybody is fraught with all kinds anxiety and it doesn't always bring out the best in people can. Now yes sounds like an example yeah oh my gosh thank you so much you know I imagine what a 6 point 7 good morning what happened out. I think the violate. Church and my mama and kicked out of my wedding party but none of the church and then. Think it's important partners to come back let me unlike hot so it would hit back at me he would. And disheveled and and he did not know Larry it. A little paper about the call weddings and yeah it was not it was not pretty. And not a normal driver stopped for some. Refreshments shall we say between church and their home. Apparently. I think we'll we'll show where I was burnt out street hit the chances. Roots up but all the WB the American. I'll that you have to delegate lead yes great story thank you I imagine what your wedding disaster. But yeah that aren't athletes for the wedding. To. Me. You got to answer format and I went out. And put it what Iran and add it up for the short break we'll put it like they are blocked. Do you live to the Bourne Bridge before it John Dunne and that they were the direct. An hour. Let me ask you something has this been a source of amusement or contention between you and your house or not there was an hour and a half. Joked about it yeah. You. Know they woman could get out and they had at night. Can't think we're slightly ahead without I added my husband money out of the gate get him and the Perry. Good self which first name. Thank you have a great Eric. That's great yet set the tone her whole life and each is an hour and a half when we're not wish she missed her son's wedding news truffle move through.