What Will Ryan Seacrest Do This Sunday

Friday, March 2nd


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Some columns until she don't she that you have some skin on the Ryan Seacrest went down American Idol together from our current gas. It's going to be yeah it's going to be long it's it's been a long week for Ryan Seacrest. It really has and I mean this is an all eyes are on the red carpet this year I mean that's usually what I watch for any way but this year is going to be tax and he. He sent to the cornerstone of that of that whole thing right yeah I mean he's the interview to get in all the publicist flock to him because he's the guy. So what happens but this week. A former stylist who worked with him accused him of I mean to store referred. Thousands and yet an appropriate behavior I am so sect attacked her harassment allegations he's denying them that she said it went on for years. That she felt uncomfortable and she was his longtime stylist and now Kendra you were saying Ers herb Beattie to you David there's some people. Corroborating her story saying Anna she's telling the truth so. It's getting really. In getting he's getting in the deeper and deeper into this but instead of going into hiding yeah. Which it is some of you guys who have been accused of this and and have admitted to this have done. Yeah it's almost like she's doing the opposite of going and hiding he's gonna ask you Academy Awards with a microphone in his hand on the red carpet how she can get treated by. By people and women in particular that's what I wanna know. I don't this is big tip if he's that guy he controls and he's everything AB CE right I mean. He is the center of everything so I'd be interested to know if they try to avoid him or they just flat out. Ask him are still ask Julie Ann Rand think she's his co host right. I mean it just seems odd to me that they would allow him to be in the front and center right independent and which way this guy knows. I mean he he's Cali and Ryan sees now he's the new host of the reboot of American I don't. I mean there's a million chose his radio show that he's a machine he's always asking yeah I bet there's a lot of work to keep him. I don't think it is not you know but there's a lot of people that you would you could say the same things were accused and they just went away. I rap I love that you know it's like she's getting the benefit of the doubt that somehow that's an example I mean ABC has come out saying they're standing behind him he has come out saying we're standing behind and Kelly yeah ripped out and made a big deal on the the other days thing you know he's been gentleman and so she's she's in this corner so yeah and she didn't come right out and say like I don't believe the accusations that she just said I'd I love working with you you're a gentleman so you know read between the lines let's see what happens on the red carpet when. And some of the actresses who he is supposed to interview commodity have yes Janice Lawrence thinks she's gonna avoid him so Woolsey now. This is gonna be so interesting to. I had the award today.