What Would Happen If David And Sue Traded Spaces.mp3

Tuesday, January 16th


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I don't know that I would trust you. Really don't I I love working with you I love hanging out when you're the passive. You would not my redo a room in your house. Doing over run on second and I'm trying to think anybody I could trust to do it trading spaces in my house not you don't have good taste. I think you could taste it than you I mean you like your homes beautiful but it's definitely Suze home you know. Magical six point seven is made it awkward I forget I don't judge I don't know. Act you know your house is beautiful your home is gorgeous I think we have. In some areas of the we have similar to the show trading spaces is coming back on and it's it was my favorite shows what it was first time a minute now. And I go right to the Toby. Reveals that. Did not work out so well is their their little more entertaining to watch. But the gist of the show was two friends like gossamer. You'd trade space for that you have to just the weekend right right. And you get to do and anything you want in a room of my house and I wanna. Right with a very small budget by the way it was a thousand dollars it was first on now it's two grand but two grand doesn't get too much like crazy yeah dad it's crazy. And you have to trust that your neighbor and then there's a designer that helps out depending on who the designer is it can get a little a little left totally on your. Is it the app designers there's also will be you know carpenter guide of topics tie me up asking who stoked that we need to detour on try it out. Russell attempted to have the payoff for the shows in the end the show last three minutes where you come back to your house where we've been holed up all weekend. Changing room. And they've got you literally blindfolded and go 123 open your eyes look at the revenue and get the camera they're in your face and you get to see bright yellow kit. And the thing about this show that I loved is that people a lot of people did not like. The finish two grown and did not hide the data and like and and Lotta shows now other deals like property vendors and stuff it always comes out beautiful and the people are odd that they love it they love it they love it with trading spaces. That was the best part they reveal a T and was like only got and you could see from their faces and they just. I mean I don't think they scripted this like this was real reactions you can really awkward. Really fast das office that touch your beloved and that's what that's what I guess what I would be afraid of both if I were doing in your house and if you were to my house is I don't like. Your homes beautiful but I couldn't. See I think I could I think I. Because I went into my own tasting your room I would take into account but I think you like and I think I can do have room that you dial without. You would like like warm colors traditional. Furniture are a little clean lines kind of contemporary about. But I know what you would like you wouldn't want a big mural you wouldn't want like wallpaper. You wouldn't one like. Really dark or like you wouldn't like pastel colors I honestly think I could do a run for you. Now I could to your house says the architectural John and I just kind of pottery barn kind of like a putt putt total pot pottery barn home goods like. You know the signs that are etched family. Low bit but you know sharing and all that stuff that's totally a couple of hours Yale that would be totally Nanette in a anode wagon wheel coffee table just for. Now I do not have a wagon wheel copy tape I'll leave me alone. Attaining the dogs playing poker now in clowns can definitely not a bad pick up well.