When Do You Use Your Car Horn?

Wednesday, July 11th


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Still to come in the morning chained here on a morning match excuse it sees it and he tells an A new game show how that'll help you get out of your college debt that's coming up in the meantime it's on Chris you and Kendrick do you use your horn. Yes I eat you do get outside and you're here that's not how you can you even know I like don't know yet cities aren't not a lot. Know it's weird because I feel like it's rude if there were different levels of the Lauren. Like if there are an angry Lauren an ice war and if I could choose the type of sound that came out I would use it more but I am we skilling gets so angry. Yeah I think that was it I would I mean I use my horn probably a moderate amount but I think I'm like you I would use it more if it were like a more pleasant. Yeah like sort of you know like you're just sitting there and then the light turns green. And through you just kind of one I'd like you're not upset you're desolate can come on move on line yeah I strategist not. Pushed down all the way to the half beat like that. Think that little half I'd say it may not like sort of lay my heat and all the way on the mourned when that happens I would agree you know like get leg got a a car horn writes and it like you know when you're traveling down the pipe can somebody like just come out who rolls over into your lane you're like hey there you know but you know for their. Physical warning people heads up play like yeah it's almost like you wanna sound that. Sounds like a tap on the shoulder vs the one that's like you're saying. Like act like a bike felt. Yeah I think I'd be fine with that I would definitely nice sending you a good point because. I feel like car manufacturers have not come along way with the horn like everything else you got the windshield wipers that Aaron the intermittent speeds and you have on the Bluetooth technology. What's cool about the Hornbeck hasn't yet no one really doesn't have all of you know. Oh I'd like to hear tones and yeah customize your horn you know putting different notes yes you know just a move along perhaps like something that sounds like the flute. Yeah you know and you haven't won it and he should get the debt with an engineering start investing it my daughter's going to be an engineer let's meet with her and have her designer it. OK all right well I'd I'd like to shine horn or something I don't know now that's not very good no thought I would call it like a hornet. The horn neck sending that's just two keys. When he Cornet heart that you know like that does sound a little bit and it sounds more cultured. Yeah it does the horn is just it's an ugly phrase yeah yeah you blow a hole warned that maybe you just sort of tickled that month. Decision making variant comes to. Excuse me excuse me they'll light turned green don't make me take a lead a horse that's. Now making new through units Larry very quickly.