When To Leave Davids House

Friday, August 17th


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Fed doesn't have very often but I'm in full on freak out at home and I need to see if I can just reality check this with a with a two year we're having a party. We're inviting people over on Sunday and I turn into something I don't know who I am but I turn into some kind of crazy person I know who you are ice like that video companies coming your like. Show on every dollar not. Burden those never. Yeah not a vacuum when you depict this stuff up these New Jersey. The important I don't know I don't know that wonder why don't we do that we all do it. We'll do I don't know a single person who doesn't get a little crazy right before company contact especially your happening graduation party with like thirty people are not. Just one couples coming over for dinner you a lot of people coming and I think about it and they go. They're all friends of ours. They've all got the same at their house in new of their houses look the same way why am I so. I got to make our house of clip we just moved in I now knew I mean you know vacuum and spoken Spann top to bottom. Hotel a's would laugh at my and my mom I'm like why do you wanna make it seem like no one lives here. When we would have people over there and like in my house and I would pick up a little bit but I have little kids like sorry the 82 over trucks and probably since she mush chicken nuggets and rockets safari but it is what it is and cash she would always make it like Nolan had lived there late ninety's guess towels like no. They couldn't be you can wash your hands big east paper towels and throw them away right after that she can keep the towel nice and dry and clean pass that they're nice people come and it's a fancy towel that has never seen the light of day we ask just you guys at home and it has like some little decoration on coal -- and it's not really gonna dry your hand it's more just to look nice and I remember my mother would do the same things leg. Don't heroes yeah. An hour on. I can't tell a totally out of the levees are they only are resolved and about yesterday that. Mound in the kids' bathroom if they're afraid if you don't use those tells you just scratch yields couples have that you're supposed to use not the good towels. Yes what I. My mother would like shined their refrigerator handle an idea you crash would be like to ice fingerprints on it don't put your finger hit the refrigerator is that you know that we actually use our comfort or not. You know but I'm like I'm ma I'm a mowed the lawn yesterday I've got to lower out on to you know I am making it the place look. Is if nobody lives there or. Or more like. We know we live here all the time this is it always looks so it's this thing like it always looks like yes I think that's been trying to convey my guess so yeah me. Which is just not every hole into the incessantly it's nobody's reality nobody lives in the perfect museum house and everything perfectly manicured and clean all the time it's it's not even attainable. And yet we all pretends. That we live at that level why do we didn't weirdest sound. My husband would clean the floor before they come and make everybody an economist was going to be dirty and white cleaning before they come I now been shining in in getting don't walk on it. Just walk around yeah take issues off. Yes we percent of everything in that warm room down into the hall. You know I'm talking about when that Romo and Jessica for whatever happens the corn that you open the door it's gonna fallout on you yeah. My kids like we almost never make our beds that if company's coming I make everybody make their bats the company doesn't go upstairs and it. I'm Mike we could. Get off as somebody Nagle wandered around the house looking for the code about and so I. It's funny is the parties until said Sunday that slipped 72 hours from now on them. Already anxious about when people do you think I now. Did you put an end time on the on. An error on my part and whole no old Delaware at a graduation party at my house this weekend from a daughter Fiona we're very happy for her and now we're ready which people over from last minute deal. I sent I was in charge of sending out the evaluate. And I did not put an end time and they think that was a mistake. Well when there's not an end time. It can go away any longer than you imagined. We think can you 2 o'clock 2 o'clock party on Sunday helmet with people's. I would say if there are nice they would stay until probably. I would say like in my brain I would say the country house for graduation brides are coming hours and usually yeah golf. That I think too on Sunday your lucky because this Sunday people have worked an act they way it going they wanted it gone into. I'd say chewed aside maybe six shot a few linger is that a stay may be till six if you do that on a Saturday had you done that and you are having the party Saturday huge file pock loans period and I can't and it's sad and sudden cardiac. Yeah go to another let's actually drink. Now that everybody else he's glad that yeah. I like our hours earlier nice because then it becomes people's Saturday night activity yeah sowed now you got people to eight now come on BP of that thirty people have. Well he's looking invitation there's a handful of village that then there's a number of people who have not replied as a matter found which also drives me nuts. Aaron CP and. Well and one of those people though I I had the best eight inches you don't aren't on a key no I I am going to always do eventually but I know and when you're planning a party you understand like. You wanna know a couple of days ahead of time we need to know much food about a girl whatever I can totally see you as always our CPA and I never know my family's from me elect for me I know I'm gonna go but I never noticed my family's gonna do so I always wait till like three days out the Mike sorry to let you know earlier but yes we'll be there and I and we bring and I can't stand that we might come when people it's it's yes no. Or maybe don't have maybe I don't I don't why why here in Asia like he's amazing how do you get it does get. I don't know in my family of nine might become numb like won't end we'll plant food for them yeah. Okay you come and then they don't show up nearly cocaine you have like five families that are maybe he's we might stop by peddling are you gonna stop I don't for a week. I can't stand that say you're coming our you're not coming like any good now. Can I am better comes up we might be their bubble waiting to hear and another thing that we can again enjoy more listen to glass and party PP I know it's out so in my start what do what do I need what what's the sign I need to do to get people on how sit 7:8 o'clock on Sunday night yeah I'm in the party is long over what do I do believe I'm. I'm tell isn't it I think it's there's a few different things you can do one thing is you can start cleaning up that -- away like but the food to weigh in outrage at a rapid out and just. And I can't it be gone and it sure way to get people out your house is to stop serving them alcohol. Open the blues away. Goes away and don't like saying I can make me another drink anecdotes I mean. You have to Heidi if they don't keep offering hey can get you another drink then people of you just settle right and right for hours in the like when you bring it up the good stuff.