Who is watching the Bachelor

Tuesday, March 6th


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So I am totally reconsidering my aversion to the bachelor. Based on what I'm reading and seeing about what happened on with the bachelor last night. It was a shocking finale David. Just shocking. My daughters watched the show yeah finally is sort of in no one of the with the show I don't I don't I don't get it seems like he's. He's two drama in my life that I try to avoid why would I. Jump in and other people's trauma they've actually appealed. I think that is the appeal and it's hard to explain because it goes against. Everything I teach my daughters you know about how to do everything right. That's why are you kidding me twenty women like me you actress my heart and and watch however the sentence is that. I train Iraq that you can't turn away from there is still something about it that's so. That it's good if you know what I mean there's so yeah and so it's like a soap opera and everybody gets on you know of he should pick back up a no we should pick Lori and and every week you see who gets eliminated and it just it's just a thing and my my daughters watch it religiously on and I'm embarrassed to say like I know what happened so well it's a it's like I don't. In the villainous part of like it if there's a villain and a marvel comic book he can't be as bad as this guy Harry's head has been the guy yeah. Star of the show hat and a total dog like heat and who's he actually engage engage got engaged asked proposed to. Back one of the finalists. During the last shall last night she says yes you think it got talent and his and then a little later in the show. He breaks up with back and they show it on camera. And now he says he's in love with a runner up lawyer that. And it's just fantastic and I like the producers staged this term rating for you think it's really it doesn't sound like that could be. It's tough sometimes it if that was at a TV show like. A drama or for Chile friends or something you don't like this ridiculous that it never happened but this is for us to be vehicle. Well I think it's been going on so many seasons they needed to shake a little bit and have a conclusion that was different and they've never had. All of a break up eventually let's be honest I think he's been one couple that jazz artist and I Pentagon's drop. Why it's a one hour channel yeah arena and again on the show they got married Alicia I think and engage the American mainly Stanley yeah they've a Stanley they're the only ones I think who survived it so none of them stayed together right. But they've never had the dam break got. I'm not concur that break up right on camera like minutes after the engagement it was just ridiculous doing that like to ask somebody merit breaking out and then going with a bit. Bad really bad to do that to. And. Actually it's a fashion. Humiliated in the she gets a chance to go out and again tonight tonight now Chris Harrison who's that who's the and host of the show one now have her faceoff back of the when he dumped faceoff against him for the first time so now we can watch it. That on Moya which seems kind of dirty true which I will have a. Yeah I think we'll watch it at an altitude and then all of us us is coming right up its magic 106 plays that would.