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Wednesday, January 3rd


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It's. And this compared to get my calendar or can you tell me the exact date. I need to know the exact date and time when the the Miss America pageant will be second be sure not to miss it actually my count there. Yeah I'm gonna make sure I missed it because I just can't believe that this still it goes not in 2000 less SA 72018. How are we still supporting. Beauty pageant well let this weird to me back up a month but then at the Miss America pageant which I remember who it wasn't that long ago it was. Think it would have. I'll be promoted on television young and who is Miss America is at miss universe yet miss USA. And it was like it would be on it was a big TV special when I was it is our it was a big deal like I remember sitting down and trying to figure out who's gonna win in writing down my favorite like you grew up like embracing that. Sort of ID yeah right but then somewhere along the way. Don't you go what we do why would her rating women out and bathing suits and high heels you know exactly why we are in and the gun a month ago when those emails currently. The head of the whole thing back in you know these really unseemly. Awful and disgusting emails that the I was what are the things where right chairman around with everybody else who's running it so they threw him out yeah and now they've named Gretchen Carlson is the chair I guess in a way to sort of repair the reputation. And say OK now we have this strong powerful woman. But it's still. A beauty patch well. They find day yet. And you know what I don't have any standing listed or or really a stake in Q1 way or the other but I think isn't there something this big question is there something with a woman running yet. In a pageant for women and includes young women. You know some somewhere along the line a woman running it in cash you sort of take it back and it legitimizes it in a way that we're guy you know especially some guy like this guy they just throughout yeah. Insults don't I think that's their their plan is to legitimizing it by using her as the head but it's still. They have to change a lot about it I mean this comes from me and I was in I miss Colleen pageant when I was in college I mean. I really was so I tell you something I had I had that maybe I just this list please elaborate a beauty pageant I'm sorry it was. Only hope it doesn't tell us about how he Irish how. He now in western mass and it still goes on it's different it's not a beauty pageant they look at year at your grade that scholarship. Your Irish Terry tailed. You win a trip to Ireland I brought my grandfather and so it was different. But coming from like somebody who has dabbled in a little bit Blake. That was back in like I don't wanna say hello guy that was a that this was not bathing suits and now. High heels and you know these women are you don't you know starved themselves. And that's great hands and this and that it's just and we're still like yeah I don't you know this is great. I don't get it in the middle but it but it will but he is moving forward with the new organization and Gretchen Carlson running and and there is somehow an appetite for Kazaa to me it's like don't I hope the sponsors would not support it but. They seem to come out every year to senior will be giving suits to shoot the I'm just here. It's on your calendar I know you are gonna do it why don't why know. It's possible crescent and and the tickets to see. Fifty magic 106 points.