Womens Hockey Gold

Thursday, February 22nd


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One reason time imagine when I was 6 point 7 good morning and happy Thursday what would be your 1 reason this morning to camp. The US women's hockey team meeting that goal some bullish with expected not to do with. All that we're hoping to do it like forty years ago in Sochi date date ended up losing in like a shoot out and it was this heartbreak and they were like here we go again and was spanning Canada and it was I think six rounds of a shootout. So I think we everybody was like no don't episode she thing happen again but what we prevailed it was a top. I heard I was sleeping at the gold medals I heard one report that said the Ken Canadian team was was crying I now own standards yeah. Patents over they usually do because it's you know you want the ball hockey in Canada to hash Canada is always the favorite and there's some local ties to salute this team leaders yeah add to captain of the team Meghann dug it is actually here from Boston from Dan Harris. So that's pretty cool I'm a big deal yes. He wondered if that's gonna inspire. I know a couple of the parents who have their girls about the same age as my girls and they play hockey they have played hockey through middle school through. High school and even on in the college Providence. The what if it's gonna inspire other girls tear of being strapped on the skates data on the pads in get out there. I hope it dies I. I hope it does and it's funny because it today is they had it won gold since 98 and then TA is also ironically enough that 38 I think Greg had been in the 38 anniversary of the miracle on ice moved. With the men's hockey league tell us again yes so it's kind of like a big deal appear hockey family our hockey fan her you know. It's it's it's an awesome day for team USA that's for sure. Congratulations to them and tell us it's a failure of us as Americans just have to jump on gun got one novelty that even I had nothing to do and I relax but I hope I'm part of that. Congratulations to them or graduate this is really tilted her for Thursday morning very every different day today. Then yesterday we had record breaking warm yesterday today inched to a snow. As expected. Like yesterday when Bruno Mars tickets to your way just to do that we're glad you with a since most news in the morning. Where magic 106 point seven.