You Can Stay In THIS Game Of Thrones Hotel!

Wednesday, January 17th


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All right you ready for the kicker emirates. Let me find out a game restaurants hotel just opened up in Finland so if you've ever wondered what it's like to spend a night at the while with the night's watch here's your chance it's called snow village. And it's a hotel completely built out of ice and snow. It opens everywhere intern but this year they gave a game of rounds make over. Starting at 200 bucks tonight actually not that bad the rooms had ice ice sculptures in the walls began to see the hollow faces the iron throne. And white lockers to name a few. You can eat at the ice restaurant you can have a shot at the ice bar you can go on reindeer rioted you can participate dated. In ice sculpture workshops the temperature inside the hotel. It's 23 degrees and no no that's not. Let's go for a drink. Where Leo walked through the lobby your supplement I but it really did expect it to stay there yeah no you stay overnight and it's 23 degrees inside threat the entire hotel. Failing game and throw as much as the next guy but I'm not so sure about that now I would not. Wanna do that the trip to go to Finland for this is is is actually it's. You get there sooner and be able to enjoy it sooner than you than news in the final season which come into 2019 rights and you know I played. Gas can be a good if you get your fix up the good stuff.