The Morning Shade with Sue!

Two Boston Natives Actors are teaming up; Nicki Minaj is helping college students, and more!


We finally have a premiere date for E!’s docuseries “Model Squad,” whose stars include New England native Olivia Culpo. It’ll make its official debut on September 4th.  The former Miss Universe and on again girlfriend of Danny Amendola advises viewers in the teaser not to forget to make a life while you’re making a living. Thanks for the talk Olivia. The first season will comprise eight one-hour episodes that will bring viewers behind the scenes and give them a glimpse of the work that goes into all that glamor. 

Boston natives Matt Damon and John Krasinki are teaming up. Word is that Damon is in early talks to play late controversial billionaire Mark Rich in “The King of Oil,” which will be handled by Krasinski’s production company. Mark Rich made a fortune in commodities trading, then was indicted in 1983 on charges including racketeering, wire fraud, and trading oil with with Iran. Rich fled to Switzerland rather than face the charges. If he takes the role, it will be the third time they’ve teamed up. (Worked on Promised Land and Manchester by the Sea together).

The EMT who was kicked by actress Heather Locklear during a disturbance call wants compensation from the actress.  TMZ says the first responder has hired a personal injury lawyer and is seeking compensation for medical bills and emotional abuse.  The EMT reportedly suffered injuries to her head and neck in last week's attack at Locklear's house.

It's cool to be a fan, even a super fan of AMC's "The Walking Dead," but Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan, wishes people would stop descending on his home like a bunch of zombies. The actor took to Twitter to discourage fans posting this: “Dear people that think it’s a solid plan to come to our house, take pictures, drive up to house, knock on door... it’s not a good plan. It’s rude and creepy. Respect our privacy please. And... you’re being recorded.” Can’t say I blame him. That is creepy.

Nicki Minaj is paying off college expenses for 37 people. The celebrity said in May that students could participate by sending a tweet with the hashtag #StudentofTheGame, saying how much money they need and what it’s for. She announced the winners last week saying the money will go toward tuition, books and other expenses and sent directly to the school or lender. No word on what she’ll spend in total.\

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin continue to spark dating rumors.  And Taylor Swift is vacationing in the Turks and Caicos… she’s with her boyfriend of more than a year Joe Alwyn.