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Jimmy Fallon Barfs on Camera... Matt Lauer is in the middle of a sticky divorce... and more Entertainment News with Sue!


Jimmy Fallon barfed on his own talk show Monday night. ON camera. He had Ryan Reynolds as a guest to celebrate his new Aviation American Gin and the two decided to play a drinking game. It was a spinoff of the Price Is Right's Plinko that they called, "Drinko." They had to drink whatever their token fell into mixed with Ryan's gin - things like clam juice, bone broth, blood, and horseradish. Well... Jimmy literally had to hurl into a bucket before it was over. Ryan did just fine, even upping the ante at the end and combining like four or five disgusting ingredients with his gin. Reynolds seemed to hold his ground fairly well, but the rest was history for Fallon. Watch the hilarious video below:

More Entertainment News:

Former Today Show host Matt Lauer is reportedly signing on to a 20-million-dollar divorce settlement with wife Annette Roque. The New York Post reporting now that the divorce is in its final stages and that Lauer agreed to the multi-million dollar payout out of guilt for having multiple affairs with women at work. He got off easy if you ask me. 

Dane Cook is a firm believer that age is only a number. The 46-year-old comedian is dating 19-year-old Kelsi Taylor, that's a 26 year age gap. Some fans still have a few questions about their romance so Dane decided to answer some of them during an Instagram Q&A Monday evening. When one follower asked to share his advice for those in age gap relationships, Dane joked, "The only thing you have to do is plan that your deaths will be somewhat far apart." They're relationship went public last February when they were spotted vacationing together in Hawaii.​

New Kids On the Block putting on a special show to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their second album.  1989’s Hangin' Tough was the band's breakout record, and also their best-seller.  It includes hits Please Don't Go Girl and The Right Stuff.  All five members will be taking the stage at the Apollo Theater in New York City on October 7th.  The show was announced on New Kids On the Block's Twitter account.

Justin Bieber says crying with fiance Hailey Baldwin is what marriage is all about.  That's what the pop singer told TMZ when the two were photographed shedding some tears together after taking a bike ride in New York City.  It's unclear what they were crying about.  Bieber and Baldwin got engaged in July after two months of dating, but have reportedly been in an on-off relationship for a while.

Aretha Franklin's family asking for prayers now as she is in hospice care at her home surrounded by her loved ones. Meantime Jay Z and Beyonce paid tribute to the iconic singer with a tribute to her at their Detriot show Monday night. They dedicated the performance to the Queen of Soul, thanking her for changing lives with her beautiful music. DJ Khal-ed played Respect during the opener which generated roars of applause. Aretha grew up in Detroit so it was a fitting tribute.