You Can Stay In THIS Actual "Game of Thrones" Hotel

And you won't have to wait until 2019!

January 17, 2018

Ever wondered what it was like to spend a night in Winterfell? Or better yet, at The Wall with the Night's Watch?

Well, thanks to Lapland Hotels' Snow Village in Finland, your Game of Thrones dreams can come true. The hotel, completely built out of ice and snow, only took a month to complete. The ice hotel is built every year, but, for 2018, the company collaborated with HBO Nordic to give it a GoT makeover. Starting at $200 per night, there are a total of 24 rooms, including 10 suites that are all adorned with their own special ice sculpture in the walls. Fans will see the Braavosi Hall of Faces, the iron throne made out of ice, and White Walkers, to name a few. During your stay, you can eat at the ice restaurant, have a shot at the ice bar, go on reindeer rides, and participate in ice sculpture workshops. Just make sure you bundle up! The temperature inside the ice hotel is 23 degrees Fahrenheit. Guests are only encouraged to stay one night and spend the rest of their stay in Lapland Hotels' warmer cabin close by. You'd better hurry and book a room soon, because it’s only open until April 8.


You Can Stay In THIS Game Of Thrones Hotel!