Patriots Bernard Reedy Is Back At His $11/Hour Job Providing Transportation To People Confined To Wheelchairs

After the devastating loss to the Eagles, the Pats wide receiver is back doing some good for those in need!

February 6, 2018

USA Today

After the devastating loss on Sunday, the 26 yr old Patriots wide receiver is back at his job as a driver with Care Ride, providing transportation to people battling terminal illnesses and recovering from strokes, heart attacks, organ transplants, amputations and serious accidents. He has worked there every offseason since, and every time he's been cut in his NFL career -- 6 times in 4 seasons. Care Ride has been accommodating with his NFL schedule, allowing him to work three days a week during the offseason.

“I used to think about a lot of the people I would pick up and the situations that they [were] in and the stories I heard. Some of the stories, the normal average person wouldn’t believe, but that stuff’s true,” Reedy said. “To be around positivity and listen to people go through what I went through — I went through it sportswise and they went through it in life.”

Reedy first joined the Patriots in November after he was released by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Pats released him on January 3 only to recall him on January 17. 


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