The Obamas Aren't the Only Ones Drawing Crowds on the Vineyard

Sue: You Need to Expand Your Search!


The Obamas aren't the only celebrities vacationing on the Vineyard - keep your eyes open, Sue Tabb!

When you see #billmurray at #menemsha #beach on #marthasvineyard you gotta ask for a pic. #snl #hewasawesome #larsonsfishmarket #lobster

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Bill Murray was spotted making an aggressive "U-Turn" into a gas station a couple days ago, and started cracking jokes left a right with TJ, who managed to snag a photo with him.

Stranded on a beautiful island… Just kidding…

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Sylvester Stallone is also vacationing there this week, posting videos stating he is "stranded" on a deserted island called "Martha's Barnyard!"