Oscar de la Hoya Says He Would Run For President!

Plus more entertainment headlines in The Morning Shade with Sue


Is Amanda Bynes ready for a comeback? The Hairspray actress dropped off the radar years ago after suffering a sort of meltdown, not sure if it was the pressure of Hollywood, mental illness, at any rate, she is doing much better. Just last year, Bynes offered her first interview in four years, where she discussed what’s kept her busy since she left the public eye. She said she’s been attending fashion school and that she wants to start a clothing line. But she also said she’s open to acting again. Well now she posted a rare selfie and a few pictures on social media in recent days which is making fans wonder if she’s ready to re-enter public life and maybe act again.

Candace Cameron Bure says her dream guest star for Fuller House would be Shawn Mendes. "I don't mean to be mom crushing on him, but you know, we have young kids on the show, and I just can't stop listening to his album on repeat and I just think he would be perfect," she admits.  Fuller House was renewed for a fourth season in January and was nominated for an Emmy this year.

Oscar De La Hoya told TMZ that he's "very, very serious" about wanting to run for President. He said if Kanye West can do it, why not him? (SOUND). De La Hoya says he's formed an advisory committee to explore his political future. He also pointed out that President Trump had no political experience when he ran his successful campaign.​

Former Cosby Show actor Geoffrey Owens is scoring another acting job after getting shamed for working at Trader Joe's.  The 57-year-old just accepted a guest-starring role on the fifth season of NCIS: New Orleans.  He also recently picked up a recurring role on Tyler Perry's show, The Have and the Have Nots. 

Cardi B has no regrets about trying to attack Nicki Minaj at a New York Fashion Week event this past weekend. In fact, sources say she'd do it again and has zero remorse about the incident. Cardi says she was defending her daughter's honor after hearing Nicki trash talking her family.

Who should play Prince in the movie? Apparently it won't be Bruno Mars, contrary to the tabloid reports. One said he had signed on with Netflix to play the late great artist. It turns out that's NOT true. His people say they've heard of no such thing. Netflix says it doesn't even have a Prince bio-pic in development.

Alex Trebek is changing up his style for the 35th season of Jeopardy.  The game show host stunned viewers when he came out rocking a beard, saying he said he hopes it won't be a distraction to players.  A Twitter poll has 67-percent loving the beard and 33-percent opposed.