Back to School

Kendra's Kids are Back in School and she is REJOICING!

Kendra took the day off yesterday to send her kids back to school and to her surprise, she learned that her kids don't get off the bus at home until almost 4PM!!! She's already thinking about EVERYTHING she'll be able to do with all of that free time on her hands...
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Back To School Send-Off Traditions

It seems like most of us have some sort of "Back to School" tradition. Some take photos at the school bus, others dress up nicely... but there are so many more out there! What are yours?
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School Supplies: A REVELATION

We were chatting about "Back To School" Shopping today when a listener called in... and revealed the origin of color-coded school supplies for each class. Do you know where it originates from? ...because we had NO IDEA that originates from "Trivial Pursuit." Fun Fact of the day!
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