Election Day

Selfie Booths at Election Booths are Now a Thing

Election Day in 2018 not only includes booths for your ballot... but booths for your selfies. In states that allow it, you can actually take a selfie at a designed selfie photo booth, even with some props, to post online! You can find out the photo laws at polling locations at the following link:...
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Pizza to the Polls: Get Pizza Delivered to the Polling Line for FREE!

Election day is hectic: Traffic... Lines... Early Dismissals... and the dreaded LONG LINES. But, what if we told you that there is a way to make the long polling lines a LOT better... with FREE PIZZA!?!?! There's a nonprofit called, "Pizza to the Polls" that will deliver pizzas RIGHT to the line,...
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Tuesday, Nov. 6: ELECTION DAY

The day is here! Polls open at 7am. In case you haven't voted early, find out where you can vote HERE: C LICK HERE to Find Your Polling Station
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Taylor Swift

Did Taylor Swift Convince You To Vote?

The singer is being credited with a rush in registration
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