Father's Day: What are your Plans?

We're talking Fathers Day this morning... and we think it can be kind of a "Forced" Holiday. Gifts are often a struggle, family gatherings sometimes are forced. As a Father would you rather lay low and relax for the day, or gather with family for a nice day of celebration?
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Judge Rules 30-Year-Old Must Move Out, After Being Sued By His Parents

Hey millennials, are you still living at home? If that’s the case, your parents may be able to legally evict you. It took a lawsuit and a court order, but 30-year-old Michael Rotondo will be forced to move out of his parents' home just outside of Syracuse, NY. Michael had briefly moved out when he...
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Two Hawaii Men Discover They Are Brothers After 60 Years of Friendship

Two men in Hawaii recently learned after 60 years of friendship that they are actually brothers.
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