Notre Dame Burning

French Billionaires Lead Fundraising Efforts To Rebuild Notre Dame, Already Surpasses $700 Million

In the wake of the inferno that engulfed France's iconic Notre Dame church, there is good news and hope. According to CNN Business , France's three most richest families are stepping up big time to rebuild this landmark. "The billionaires behind luxury giants LVMH Group, Kering and L'Oreal on...
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Sue In Paris

Sue's European Adventure: Sue Checks In From Paris

Sue’s European Adventure: Sue Check's In From Paris Sue called into the show to give us an update on her European Adventure! RELATED: Sue's Daughter is Driving Her CRAZY She is now in Paris and is having a fantastic time seeing the Eifel Tower, Arc Du Triomphe, and she's going to the Moulin...
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You Can Stay in a House Made ENTIRELY of Chocolate

This house in Sèvres, France is no ordinary home... it is made ENTIRELY out of chocolate - 1.5 tons of it, to be exact. This sounds like a "sweet escape!"
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