"Stranger Things" Candy Has Arrived Just in Time for Halloween

We may not get a glimpse of "The Upside Down" until 2019 for the newest season, but you can now purchase "Stranger Things" themed candy - just in time for Halloween... and believe it or not, some of the candy selection is already SOLD OUT! Live from the Upside Down... our exclusive Stranger Things...
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These are the Halloween Candies that NEVER Should Have Been Invented

Halloween is right around the corner... and we're dreading coming across the "nasty" candy that NEVER should have been invented to begin with. Which sweets do you dread coming across each year? Some listeners called in to share their Halloween "candy horrors" with us!
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Frightening Family Flicks: Hocus Pocus 10/6

Our MAGIC 106.7 Frightening Family Flicks are back in Salem this Halloween season!
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Alec Baldwin, Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder

‘Beetlejuice’ Returns to Theaters Across the World

The 1988 film that’s had our skin crawling for the past 30 years is returning to the big screen.
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Listeners Share Which Movies Freak Them Out Most

Listeners called in to share the scariest movies they've ever seen!
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'Tis the Season for Scary Movies

'Tis the season for scary movies! We're chatting about classic scary classics this morning - and movies that we've seen that have totally scarred us for life. Are there any you've seen that STILL scare you to death??
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Spooky Season Playlist

The SpookySZN Playlist: Listen

With Halloween just around the corner and down the block, we're beginning to feel all sorts of spooky.
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