Italian Priest Dies of Coronavirus After Giving Respirator to Young Patient

A priest who died from coronavirus will be remembered for saving a life. A 72-year-old Italian priest gave the respirator his parishioners bought for him to a younger patient at the hospital.
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Venice Canal

Venice's Canal Water Looks Clearer Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

The coronavirus lockdown is having some unexpected side effects!
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Quarantined Italians Come Together to Sing Amid Coronavirus

As Italian citizens still remain on lockdown, people are turning to social media to spread light in a time of darkness. A video shows quarantined Italians coming together to sing amid the coronavirus.
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How Americans Living in Italy Are Coping with Coronavirus

What happens when a pandemic is declared, and your family is living overseas? To date, Italy has more than 12,000 confirmed cases with 827 deaths. Americans living abroad reveal what it’s like living amid the coronavirus outbreak.
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Joe Giudice Calls Coronavirus Lockdown in Italy 'Ridiculous'

Joe Giudice is speaking out about how he feels regarding the coronavirus outbreak in Italy after the city was put on lockdown. Read on to see what he said on Instagram about the situation.
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George Clooney Involved in Scooter Accident in Italy

George Clooney was involved in a motor scooter accident earlier today in Italy.
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