The Brutal Truth: We All Have Too Many Dishes

Chris, Sue and Kendra all agree that they have WAY TOO MANY dishes at home... multiple sizes, different colors, and most of them they don't even use.... it's time to downsize.
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Refrigerator Etiquette: What Goes Where?

Refridgerator Etiquette... either you have it, or you don't. There seem to be some unspoken rules of maintaining your refrigerator... how long to keep leftovers, paying attention to expiration dates, or where certain things go. What does your fridge look like?
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Listeners Call in on Dirty Dishes in WEIRD Places!

We're striking a chord this morning with our listeners, phones are ringing off the hook! What is the most disgusting thing you've found in your sink left by your kids? Crusty dishes... mystery liquids... expired foods... Some of the stories we are hearing are HILARIOUS... You'll want to hear this!...
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Overnight Dirty Dishes

Sue awoke this morning to discover a PILE of dirty dishes, with food STILL in them, in her kitchen sink, so generously left by her daughter from the night before. Imagine the smells wafting through the room... have your kids done this before?
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