Mass State Lottery Keno Night

Join Magic 106.7 and the Mass State Lottery at Venus II Restaurant and Sports Bar, Tuesday, March 19th from 5p-7p! Come celebrate the Mass State Lottery's Keno Night with a game of Keno, giveaways from Magic, and delicious food and drinks from Venus. You could win BIG! So join us Tuesday, March...
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Patriots Rams Helmets Super Bowl

Super Bowl Ads Cost Roughly $175,000 PER SECOND

These commercials are no joke...
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Holiday Spending

Callers Give Their Insight on Holiday Tipping

A few listeners called in to share there thoughts and ideas on tipping. Bottom line: be generous this season... show others you appreciate by extending a little "thank you!"
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Who Do You Tip During the Holidays?

There are people who deserve tips year round, but do you go out of your way to tip others during the holiday season? Trashmen... Mail carriers... school bus drivers... David and Sue think that EVERYONE deserves a little something.
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Do You Hide Your Holiday Spending From Your Significant Other?

Spending is inevitable during the holiday season, and sometimes we feel ashamed to let our significant others know JUST how much cash we're willing to drop. To what extent will you hide how much money you spend on gifts?
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Sue's Mega Millions Theory

The Mega Millions have reached a record breaking high at $868 million and there's still no winner. So, here's Sue's theory as to what should be done with the money...
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LOOK: Surprising Stats and Facts - St. Patrick's Day 2018 By the Numbers

We've broken down some of the most surprising statistics about St. Patrick's Day 2018.
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