Morning MAGIC


Monday Morning Take Out Shout Out!

We continue our shout outs for our favorite local places to eat!
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Dr. Christine Moutier, Chief Medical Officer for AFSP Shares Great Tips For Our Mental Health!

Dr Christine Moutier called in and talked with David, Sue and Kendra about how important mental health is, during a time like this!
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How Are The Pets Doing With The Coronavirus Quarantine?

Our pets must be thinking... what in the world is happening!
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Are You In The Fridge Every 5 Seconds? Join The Club!

If you feel like you're opening your fridge A THOUSAND TIMES... you are not alone.
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Nursing Home Asks for Virtual Volunteers to ‘Adopt a Grandparent’ During Coronavirus Isolation

This British-based Nursing Home looking to keep their residents spirits lifted with a little Face Time!
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Who Are We? ....We Are Rebecca From Sunnybrook Farm!

Another week begins... but not without some funny moments in the studio!
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Friday Night Means TAKE OUT... TAKE OUT... TAKE OUT!!

It's the weekend, so let's order up from our favorite places and help as much as we can!
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What Are You Doing To Budget During the COVID CRISIS?

Everyone is feeling the financial pressure during the Coronavirus Pandemic...
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Corona-Beards and Crosswalk Changes!

Two interesting things are happening amid the Coronavirus...
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Mayor Walsh Talks With David Sue and Kendra About Coronavirus Updates

Mayor Marty Walsh called in with some updates on the Coronavirus!
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