Hulk Hogan's Best Signature Moves

While everyone knows Hulk Hogan for his self-torn yellow tanktops, his larger-than-life personality and, yep, calling everyone BROTHER , it's easy to overlook Hogan's technical abilities inside the ring. For all the Hulkamaniacs out there, we've put together his most devastating signature moves and...
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Tom Brady

'Tom Vs. Time' Documentary Wins Sports Emmy For Outstanding Serialized Sports Documentary

That's why he's the G.O.A.T.
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Kendra is a Split Shift Sleeper

Most people tend to catch the BEGINNING of the game before they fall asleep... but Kendra was asleep and caught the END instead... Why?? Because she sleeps in two shifts every night... Goes to bed early, wakes up at 11, watches some TV, then goes back to sleep for a few hours before waking up for...
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Our Plan for Game 5: Go to Bed Ready and Dressed for Friday.

It's going to be another late night... the first pitch for Game 5 is thrown at 8:09pm tonight vs. the Astros... and we sure as heck know that we CANNOT miss this game.
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WATCH: Fans go Wild as TD Garden Plays Jackie Bradley Jr.'s Grand Slam on the JumboTron

What a NIGHT in Boston sports... the Sox blasted the Astros 8-2 last night, and Jackie Bradley Jr.'s grand slam was INSANE - SO insane, that the TD Garden replayed it on the jumbotron and Celtics fans went wild!! Watch: The Celtics just showed the Jackie Bradley Jr. grand slam on the Garden...
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Jerry Remy Visits Fenway Following Radiation

Final session of radiation today-- Will be on NESN tomorrow night to join the guys for a inning. Looking forward to visiting Fenway. — Jerry Remy (RemDawg) (@Jerry_Remy) September 25, 2018 Following four weeks of radiation after discovering that his cancer has returned, Jerry Remy returned to the...
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Malden Resident Holds Red Sox Banner "Hostage," Demands Playoff Tickets

A couple of Malden guys picked up the Red Sox AL East Champions banner off of a highway after it fell off a truck and now they're holding it ransom, you could not make something this Boston up. And the video is GOLD. — Whitney McIntosh (@WhitneyM02) September 19, 2018 Two...
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Sox Sweep the Yanks in Extra Innings

WHAT A GAME a Fenway last night! Did you stay up to watch the Sox sweep the Yanks in extra innings? It was a late night, but if you stayed up, it was well worth it. The Sox are now headed to Toronto to face the Blue Jays, beginning tomorrow night.
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The Morning Shade with Sue!

ESPN has released their annual "Body Issue," studded with athletes like Dallas Keuchel, Greg Norman, Yashiel Puig and Adam Rippon to name a few... and this has raised the question: how much would you have to be paid to pose nude? David and Sue weigh in their price tag!!! More in Entertainment News...
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Morning MAGIC 1400x1400

You'll See This Slugger on TV Again Very Soon

He may have retired from the Red Sox, but that's not keeping him away from TV. Beloved Red Sox slugger David Ortiz has signed a contract with Fox News as a sports analyst and will begin next month covering the All Star Game in Washington.
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