Strange Celebrity Tweet

Strange Celebrity Tweets

Today's Strange Celebrity Tweet: "Wedge salads are the biggest trick restaurants have ever pulled on us. 'Yes, hello! I will cut the salad, you guys just relax back there. That said, I'm eating one right now." Who Said It: Jenna Fischer, Chrissy Teigan or Ty Burrell?
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Strange Celebrity Tweets!

WHO SAID IT: "I used to have nightmares about Scooby Doo... Not anymore!" Miranda Cosgrove, Justin Bieber, or Ariana Grande? ...LISTEN to find out! Congrats to listener Mia for getting it correct and winning a MAGIC 106.7 pen!
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Strange Celebrity Tweet: Listener Jackie Takes a Guess!

Today's Strange Celebrity Tweet: "Does This Body Make Me Look Fat?" WHO SAID IT: Rainn Wilson, Ellen Degeneres, or Amy Schumer? Listen Below to find out....
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