Sue Florence Italy

Sue's European Adventure - In Florence, Italy

Sue's European Adventure - In Florence, Italy Sue is still away on her European adventure and this time she checked in from Florence, Italy! RELATED: Sue's European Adventure: Sue Checks In From Paris "Florence is everything they said it would be! Beautiful cathedrals, shops, cafes and wine."...
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Sue In Paris

Sue's European Adventure: Sue Checks In From Paris

Sue’s European Adventure: Sue Check's In From Paris Sue called into the show to give us an update on her European Adventure! RELATED: Sue's Daughter is Driving Her CRAZY She is now in Paris and is having a fantastic time seeing the Eifel Tower, Arc Du Triomphe, and she's going to the Moulin...
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Sue's Daughter is Driving Her CRAZY

Sue is leaving to go pick up her daughter from college today, who has to move out EVERYTHING from her dorm because she's studying abroad next semester. Do you think she has started packing yet? ...nope. And Sue is going to rip her hair out if she shows up and has nothing ready!
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Everything that Can Go Wrong... *IS* Going Wrong

Once again... Sue walked into the studio this morning to find out her computer is not working. And according to Lou the engineer, her computer is TOAST until further notice. So now, Sue is running around the studio like a chicken with her head cut off!
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Sue BARELY Made Her Flight This Morning

Sue and her husband are going away this weekend and they BARELY made it to their flight - they forgot that it was a holiday weekend and the TSA lines were INSANE. She called in this morning to tell us that they were the LAST ones to get on the plane just TEN minutes before take-off... imagine the...
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Sue's Mega Millions Theory

The Mega Millions have reached a record breaking high at $868 million and there's still no winner. So, here's Sue's theory as to what should be done with the money...
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Sue Talks the Talk... but she Totally Spoils Her Kids

Sure, Sue talks the talk about her daughters "ruling" the house with their messes and high maintenance needs... but she TOTALLY spoils them whenever she can! We had her daughter Emma, who visited home from school last weekend, call in to chat about the "royal treatment" she got during her visit!
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Sue REFUSES to Eat off of the Same Utensil as Her Husband...

Last night Sue went out to dinner with her husband to celebrate his birthday, and we circled back to how she REFUSES to eat off of the same utensil as him! David and Sue think she is CRAZY... and we had a few listeners call to weigh in on the subject, too. LISTEN!
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Sue Accidentally Put THIS in Her Hair...

This morning, Sue accidentally put lotion in her hair... but what she sprayed in her hair a couple years ago was TOUGH to recover from.
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Sue is Stressed: Today is Her Daughter's 21st Birthday

Today is Sue's daughter's 21st birthday and she is totally stressing out because she just KNOWS she might overdue it with the alcohol.... but Kendra has some great advice to offer!
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