Traffic Alerts

Listen to MAGIC 106.7 with Waze! Thanks to our new partnership with Waze, you can now listen to MAGIC 106.7 on RADIO.COM from inside the Waze app! Here are the steps for syncing everything up. Make sure you have BOTH the Waze and RADIO.COM apps installed on your mobile device (iOS or Android). Open...
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Boston Traffic

Wicked Pissah! Boston Has WORST Traffic In The US

Do we really want to beat LA at this?!
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You May Have a New Way To Get To Work in Boston

Forget that awful Boston traffic... come Spring 2019, you may have a different option for your morning commute. Sue has your details!
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Good News For Boston Commuters this Morning!

GREAT news for Boston commuters who take the Mass Pike: all lanes and exits are OPEN a day ahead of schedule, paving the way for a smoother Monday morning into work.
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Morning MAGIC 1400x1400

Sue Got Stuck Behind a "Storrowed" Truck This Morning

Sue came RUNNING into the studio today because she got stuck in traffic after a truck "STORROWED" itself early this morning. What a way to start your Friday morning....
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Rush Hour Rant

Time for another #RushHourRant... and listener Greg has his two cents to share (and thanks so much to him for sending in that photo on Storrow)!!!
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