We Stayed Up Way Too Late Watching Election Results

According to statistics, yesterday's voting turnout was the most we've seen in 20 years! The results are now in... but we all stayed up way too late last night.
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Selfie Booths at Election Booths are Now a Thing

Election Day in 2018 not only includes booths for your ballot... but booths for your selfies. In states that allow it, you can actually take a selfie at a designed selfie photo booth, even with some props, to post online! You can find out the photo laws at polling locations at the following link:...
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Pizza to the Polls: Get Pizza Delivered to the Polling Line for FREE!

Election day is hectic: Traffic... Lines... Early Dismissals... and the dreaded LONG LINES. But, what if we told you that there is a way to make the long polling lines a LOT better... with FREE PIZZA!?!?! There's a nonprofit called, "Pizza to the Polls" that will deliver pizzas RIGHT to the line,...
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